Georgia Micro Enterprise Network Events – Sept 2018

Guys if you’re available and think you might be ready to start a small business, this is the place to be. GMENConference

Small Is BIG! is our theme for the 2018 GMEN Conference celebrating the power of entrepreneurship and business development to transform communities, create and restore generational wealth and knock down barriers to human achievement. Small is BIG! acknowledges not only the importance of small business to job creation and growth, but how small businesses have disrupted and changed the world through gig economies and various platforms.

Small Is BIG! remembers that the legacy of Atlanta, 50 years after the death of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., has come full circle and looks to ways this city can become the focal point in the United States for economic re-engagement for African-Americans across the southeast..

During the conference we will focus on celebrating our past, evaluating our present and innovations needed for our future growth of micro-enterprises and small businesses.

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