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** What You Should Know about the Reentry Project Inc.

A program by Reentry Project Inc. – Serving men who served time for Misdemeanor Offenses in Georgia’s Correctional Systems. Program is based in Cobb County serving Cobb and neighboring Dekalb, Fulton, Douglas & Paulding Counties.

Of course there is a name most people used when talking about people who have served prison time- “Ex Offender”. The key word here is “ex”. In order to positively help the Ex-offender population, we are emphasizing the word “ex” as a past tense meaning that the person is no longer an offender but an ex-offender. When we stayed focused on the word ex, it is easy to see past the prejudices that confined the ex-offender into their past mistakes and see through the person into the future. There are several agencies working hard to help the ex-offender population nationwide, in Cobb and its surrounding counties, we are leading the way for the ex-offender community.

When men comes out of the correctional custody, unless ready help is identified, wasting away of the mind is usually the next best option. In society today, there are so many options from shopping for cereal at your grocery store to deciding which college to send your child to, there are choices galore. So, the choice that the Re Entry Project offers to the the ex population is tailor made for each person as oppose to one size fits all which they were exposed to while in correctional custody.

Our program is located in Austell, Georgia and we are ready to serve those men who will give us the opportunity to work with them to accomplish tangible goals together as a team. For questions, comments or concern, please send email to: Reentry Project or send mail to P.O. Box 52, Austell GA 30168-4355

With more than 650,000 offenders released each year in the United States from Federal and State prisons to be united with their communities and families, It’s easy to see why their is a need for community intervention in the steadily growing crime epidemic in our society. That is why the Re-Entry Project is a strong community ally in the fight against prison recidivism. An ally determined to succeed without fear and prejudice, but with care and action!

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