A Mother’s Cry


Many times during the course of any given month, we receive in excess of ten [10] calls from mothers across from the State of Georgia; particularly from Cobb, Dekalb and Fulton Counties for help. These calls are from mothers of incarcerated young men ranging from age 19 through 35 – sometimes older. And what do they have in common? They are all pleading for help. Can you please help my son? He’s coming home [not from military service in Afghanistan or Iraq] but from the prison system after 3, 4, 5 years or sometimes longer sentences.

I am sure when you click on this page, you expect to find it and read the content on it which in turn will empower you to go and do something…whatever that something is, perhaps just for basic information. But you found the page. Imagine after clicking on this page – you find an error page. A 404 Error page with no further instructions….A dead-end! Nothing! How will it feel?

That’s how most of these mothers feel when all they get, at every attempt made in seeking help for their loved ones; ends up in a dead-end. Also, they hear “sorry, we can’t help you” or “call this number or that number etc”. My experience with this project has taught me that telephone numbers in itself do not help people. People – help people.

So, would you help Reentry Project of Cobb County help those mothers who are trying to help their children? We do appreciate your help. Remember that all of your donations to this or other non-profit agencies qualify as tax-deductible.

We are mostly in need of sponsors for our work related program to help get 600 young men out of the streets,  permanently out of the prison industry and into the work force. Please ask for a confidential plan on how this can come to life with your generosity.

From the Desk of Program Director

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