Our Mission

Re-Entry Project [Cobb County, GA.] impacts our community by lending a helping hand to young men between the ages of 20-29 years old who served time in state prisons or local jails for a period not exceeding 5 years for offenses classified as misdemeanors and some felonies not involving manslaughter, gun related offenses, drug trafficking and child molestation charges.

Re-Entry Project [Cobb County, GA.] understand that between the ages of 20 – 29 years, most young men will make mistakes either due to lack of self control, peer pressure, immaturity, mental health and or lack of parental supervision. We also understand that there should be serious consequences as a result of these mistakes that the society labeled as offenses regardless of the mitigating factors. However; we believe that the punishment resulting from these offenses should not continue to dictate the course of each offender’s lives once they had paid the price as set by the appropriate authority.

Our main goal is to impact the number of newly released ex-offenders who will otherwise return to correctional custody without our help by presenting a viable assistance in the areas of critical needs such as housing, employment, transportation, counseling, general education, health care, social support services, legal and mental health during the critical adjustment period.

A critical part of our program is the personalized job search plan which connects the offender, program operator, prospective employer, family members and or friends of the ex-offender together to facilitate a unique work experience and provides incentives to everyone involved to play a major role towards the success of the individual ex-offender and the program.

We accept ex-offenders from Cobb, Dekalb and Fulton Counties between the ages of 20-29 years of age. We accept ex-offenders from all racial background, however; participants must be a Citizen of the United States or a legal resident.

To be eligible for the Re-Entry Project [Cobb County, GA.] residency, the applicant must be a first time offender, or under special circumstances; a second time offender. The offense or offenses must be classified as misdemeanors or felonies not involving manslaughter, drug trafficking, gun related offenses and child molestation charges. Time served must not be more than 5 years and all time served must be within the state correctional facility or local jails.  

We expect no less from our ex-offender population than we will expect of any law abiding citizen. Desire, Honor, Hope and the Willingness to Work for Change.

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