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If there is more than one way to say “PLEASE DONATE” – We at Reentry Project Inc would use such many ways to appeal to you for help. The issue of young men between the ages of 20-29 being incarcerated for years is not just that of the poor family from inner cities- it is the plight of working Executive Moms at all levels of both public and private sectors.

The difference is that most of these working moms/excutives – have the mechanisms to cope because of their education and other intangibles such as family support, faith and strong finance. Nevertheless, these women still bear the burden of a son that is no longer welcome in the work-field or even by the society at large.

That is why a program like Reentry Project is a safe haven for all moms who have experience our “criminal justice system” firsthand. It is more than personal to these women- it is painful.

We need a new facility that can accomodate at least 10 men that might have a better chance to succeed in life after prison without re-offending. Your support will go a long way towards keeping our communities safe and our children’s guided in the right direction.

When these guys comes out of prison, most of them wants to work and become productive. It is hard enough being an ex-offender, it’s even worst when there is no where to go but back to the same environment from whence they got into trouble the first time with the same crowd. That is an automatic recipe for failure. But with your help – we can safe some.

We thank you for your kind support of this program for young men between
the ages of 20-29 years old in Cobb, Dekalb, Douglas, Fulton and Spalding Counties. We receive lots of referrals from the United Way for help among young ex-offenders, however; our resources are limited.

Please DONATE NOW and remember that all your donations are tax deductible as we are a 501c3 non profit agency. Thank you in advance.

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