Natl Assoc of Criminal Defense Lawyers Forum ATLANTA 2018

Jon & Ga Gov. Nathan Deal





At the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers Forum to discuss the issue of Prison, Reentry, Fairness, Sound Principles, Policy and the roles each member of the society plays in making the system better. Gov. Deal received the Nations Best Award for Criminal Justice Reform & Reentry Initiatives from the Wash. DC based Association. Congratulations to Gov. Deal. Proud to know him and to be a resident of the State of Georgia.

EHABILITATE & offers vital 
OPPORTUNITIES plus viable 
OB skills to
EX-Offenders returning to live and work in 
OBB County, Georgia 
HROUGH collaboration with State & community agencies in Cobb and its surrounding counties [Dekalb, Douglas, Fulton, Paulding] thereby reducing recidivism.